Have you ever heard the saying "Generational Curse?" If you have then this film is one you will want to experience. Touch ONE touch a GENERATION is a moving documentary that explores the workings of the inner city and poverty stricken neighborhoods of our nation, and the families who live in them. It will depict triumphs of people who have escaped the clutches of the "projects" with the help of others, as well as the defeats of those who remain feeling "trapped". The documentary will explore the "projects" and "inner city" environments, and the increasing problems of generations growing up in these areas. The film will address questions like, "Why are they there?" "Do they want to get out?" "Do they know how to get out?" "And if there were programs offered would they participate to better themselves?"

"Touch One touch a Generation" focuses on families in these areas and following them through the process of finding out what are their talents, developing their skills and seeking employment. This will ultimately, lead them out of poverty, out of the projects and into better lives for themselves and their families. Using God as a guide, they will find out His divine plan for them and realize their many dreams of no longer being victim of a "Generational Curse."


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